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Seattle Seahawks wide receiver - Chris cheap nike jerseys china Matthews (Chris Matthews) will undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of this year's Super Bowl to date, Matthews in the team into trouble when it come forward, first to complete the pick 44 yards on the sidewalks goals, helping the team reached the Patriots red zone touchdowns and completed; then he beat the Patriots in the second quarter countdown stage cornerback touchdown to tie the game. This are the first ball and Matthews career touchdown. And Matthews show is not over, the second half began and soon he again long-range attacks, caught a long pass 45 yards, helping the team to play a wave flow ahead score. So Matthews who is? Matthews 6 feet 5 inches tall, weighing cheap nike jerseys from china 220 pounds, he was in the 2012 Canadian Football Association (CFL) hailed as one of the best rookie year, when the ball 81 times in total Matthews advancing 1192 yards and seven times over array. Matthews was born in Los Angeles, the University of the period spent at the University of Kentucky, one can be able to find great potential in him, which is currently lacking took over the Seahawks needed. Matthews had participated in the Seahawks training camp, but the team has not signed up before the start of the season. Until last December 6, the Seahawks before making the decision to sign, Matthews just before the Super Bowl to bit-part player participated in the two games.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy - Lynn cheap jerseys nike (Jeremy Lane) to help the team completed the first crucial goals in the Super Bowl, he steals the New England Patriots quarterback in the end zone - Tom Brady (Tom Brady) a short pass, so the team refused to lose points. However, Lynn suffer in the process back to attack the Patriots players hit heavily thrown out of the right sideline, landing him pain in the elbow, did not get up for a long time, he finally fixed after receiving simple car battery pull out of court. Lynn then return to the team declared doubtful (doubtful). This is Lynn career steals for the first time, but had been injured by cheap nfl jerseys nike the attack on the Seahawks defense and added a second line, it is definitely not good news, Lynn debut off the bench cornerback Shaluo De - Simon (Tharold Simon) did not do a good defense, the Patriots wide receiver Ryan Hu - Edelman (Julian Edelman) seize the opportunity to complete a long-distance conversion third gear, the Seahawks reached the red zone.

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