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For Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard -wholesale jerseys nike Sherman (Richard Sherman) who meet a child is born it can be a little slow up. "I will play today," said the All-NBA player in the Seahawks game against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl before the 49th texting inform famous sports reporter Peter - Gold (Peter King). Sherman's girlfriend Ashley - Moss (Ashley Moss) is currently in wholesale nike jerseys Arizona and likely to give birth to their son at any time. King said Sherman told his son not yet born is wanted on NBC pregame show. Earlier this week, told reporters the cornerback said, "He will be a disciplined young man and remained until the end of the game in the team." We never think Sherman miss any playing time in this championship battle. But Sherman's son was born right time to make it easier for him to play the game.

This year is the Detroit Lions defensive end hole wholesale nike jerseys from china - Su (Ndamakong Suh) contract, after the end of the season he will become a free agent, as the league's top defensive player, the whereabouts of the Soviet Union has attracted people's attention. In Saturday's awards ceremony in Lions NFL's top wide receiver Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) at the time of interview, also expressed a wish to be able to leave the Soviet Union team, he said: "As long as the Soviet Union can leave the team want me I am willing to do anything. " Sue is currently the biggest obstacle left in the Motor City team salary is not enough space. Johnson next season will occupy the $ 20.6 million of cap space, quarterback Matthew - Stafford (Matthew Stafford) next season will also occupy the $ 17.7 million in cap space (2016 and 17 years accounted for $ 22 million, respectively), just this duo next season will account for nearly 40 million of cap space, making the lion again difficult to provide an average annual salary of the Soviet Union more than $ 20 million big contract, so "Megatron" will not agree to pay cuts and the magnitude of the problem became how much a pay cut to reach the key. NFL Ian famous media people - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) revealed lion wholesale nike jerseys free shipping for renewal Su still have more confidence, but still will let Su enter the free agent market in order to explore the market clearing price, the league has a number of branches ball Sue team demonstrated a strong interest.

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