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Michael Pineda will go down in baseball history as one of its most notorious rule breakers because of the recklessness of his crime. On a cold night in Fenway Park in April 2014, Pineda had no feel for the baseball. After careening all around the strike zone in the first inning, he was desperate for a solution -- and a teammate Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping slapped pine tar on his neck.

The gob of foreign substance was so prominent that even before Pineda completed his warm-up pitches for the second inning, old friend and teammate John Kruk alerted the producers in our truck to the spot. Within a few minutes, Pineda was ejected and his peers around the globe wondered: How could he have been so brazen?

With the benefit of the perspective that comes with time, a different question would have been more appropriate: Why doesn't every pitcher use pine tar?The rules, as written,Wholesale Nike Jerseys are certainly not enforced. In any given game, you will see pitchers with a shiny, shaved area on the forearm of their glove hand covered with some kind of foreign substance. Maybe it's sunscreen, maybe it's a combination of sunscreen and resin, maybe it's something else. But it's apparent to everybody, from the umpires to the managers to the hitters, and often you'll see pitchers quickly wrap their pitching hand around that area just before or just after they get a new baseball. Then they'll use whatever substance is gleaned to help rub up the ball. Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys SupplyAgain: Everybody on the field knows this is happening. Everybody sees it.

Almost everybody seems to accept it, and some hitters will tell you that especially on cold nights, they'd prefer that pitchers use a foreign substance to improve their grip and command. The last thing that any hitter wants is a guy hurling a 98 mph fastball at him without having a feel for the ball.

But Bauer's tweets drew the attention of folks with other teams, who wonder: Is pine tar that much more effective than other substances, like sunscreen? Does a pitcher using pine tar have a competitive advantage over a pitcher using some other substance by improving the quality of the pitches?A former pitcher quickly endorsed this theory.Low Price Wholesale Jerseys Nike online "Pine tar will give you more spin rate," he texted. "I never took a start without it. I tried many things, but I never had the same success I had with pine tar."It's really good in cold weather. The only drawback is that some guys blister up with it. Those are the guys who would use something more lotion-based."

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