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The 49th Super Bowl last minute brilliant cheap nfl nike jerseys climax. When 26 seconds left, the Seahawks in the Patriots 1 yard line facing second gear score situation, Russell - Wilson (Rusell Wilson) pass by Patriots cornerback Malcolm - Butler (Malcom Butler) steals lose the game. Select pass decision is highly controversial natural game, Seahawks coach Pete - Carroll (Pete Carroll) said that the choice is to make a decision passing themselves take full responsibility. Carol said: "I told the players to say, this is all my responsibility, I made the cheap nike nfl jerseys decision that we want to control the time not to give you the opportunity to fight back, but ultimately failed to do so it feels very upset,. all the way to overcome the difficulties and obstacles we reached the Super Bowl, is so close but fall short "and Wilson said:." this is football, we do the best to win but the Patriots better grasp the opportunity, they won champions and we do not, that's it. "

New England Patriots quarterback Tom - Brady cheap nike jerseys nfl (Tom Brady) in his already brilliant career, but also increased the sum in today's game among the soul-stirring, Brady led the team in the fourth quarter to complete the reversal of 10 points of the ball, the fourth in his career won the Super Bowl, but also won the third Super Bowl MVP trophy. Brady said in an interview after the game: "the first is obviously not what we want, two steals it hurts morale but we survived in the face of tremendous psychological fear, blame each other and no one complained, able to this. Patriots really my lucky potency of life. " In the win while Brady in the race also completed four passing nfl nike jerseys cheap touchdowns, so that he went to the Super Bowl up to 13 times the total number of array beyond former San Francisco 49ers legend Joe - Montana (Joe Montana) 11 times, setting a new record in league history. Brady total of 50 passes in the game, completed 37 times, get 328 yards, but the passing of 37 Super Bowl is a new record for a single game. So, this is definitely the MVP trophy to its name.

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