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The highly anticipated 49th NFL Super Bowl cheap jerseys nike in Arizona, such as about University of Phoenix Stadium war against both the season of the American League Championship New England Patriots and the National League champion, is the last season, the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. The results for the fans in the game the two teams ups and downs of the drama, the Patriots suffered a counter-attack in case the Seahawks midway dominant start, but they eventually rallied in the fourth quarter to complete the 10-point shot by two touchdowns reversal, and at the last moment refused lore Seahawks a yard line to 28:24 win. And this code, became the Seahawks' The Longest Yard. " Both teams in the regular season and achieved 12 wins and four losses record, the Seahawks beat the Carolina Panthers first in the National League semi-final, and later in the National League finals shaking reversal Green Bay Packers; while the Patriots are semi-final victory over the Baltimore Ravens in the AL, Kuangtu Indianapolis Colts in the American League final, but despite winning the game easily, but they are caught in a "release valve" in the whirlpool. Phoenix warmer sunny today, very suitable football game, and both sides have injured several generals presumably not easily miss such an important occasion, they all participated in the competition. Seahawks won the coin toss and choose to pick sides lead the Patriots cheap nike jerseys offense, the Patriots quarterback - Tom Brady (Tom Brady) record by three short passes to get the first attack, but powerful Seahawks defense did not allow the Patriots to further advance The latter was forced to punt. Seahawks offensive will be their first task of all to a running back Xiaoen - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch), but Lynch did not win the first attack for the team, "strikeout (Three and out)", Seahawks same abandoned kick. Patriots running back Raja Hamlet - Road Blount (LeGarrett Blount) in advance so that the ball came to the Seahawks halftime, then beaten twice in a row stalls Patriots successfully converted the Seahawks scored the red zone. Seahawks defensive group finally angry, cornerback Jeremy - Lynn (jeremy Lane) in the end zone line steals a Brady pass under pressure, but Lynn back elbow during the attack seriously injured forced to leave for medical treatment, the first section of the end, both sides did not score.

Easy side battles, Seahawks quarterback Russell - Wilson (Rusell Wilson) is difficult to find the target in the Patriots passing second line to prevent sticking, the Seahawks only punt again. Patriots wide receiver Danny - Amendola (Danny Amendola) pick Brady quick short pass the ball along the left forward, the first file will be blamed for the war to attack the Seahawks halftime, then Brady, respectively, through the pass to running back Sean - Wei Lien (Shane Vereen) and wide receiver Hu Lean - Edelman (Julian Edelman) completed two key third gear conversion, the Seahawks reached the red zone again. This time, the Patriots did not let cooked duck flew away, Brady pass to the left wide receiver Brandon - Le Phil (Brandon Lafell), which will be the defensive player card behind touchdowns! 7: 0, the Patriots lead to rewrite the score. Seahawks offense still struggling, Wilson first encountered in trying to run out of the pocket when the sack, and then pass again suffered almost steals, Lynch seems to have no past heroics, the Seahawks once again "strikeout", sub-section of more than half , the Seahawks have not even completed a pass. Fortunately, the other side of the Patriot also has a "three strikes." Seahawks bottomed, wide receiver Jermaine - Coles (Jermaine Kearse) in the first cheap nike jerseys china line of attack received a pass from Wilson, struggling to get the first attack, followed by Wilson 44 yards long pass on the left took over Chris - Ma Hughes (Chris Matthews), this name from the sparring team squad soon promoted to a teenager completed his first career NFL ball, the Patriots scored to help the team for the first time the red zone. Lynch finally get back the state, rolling from the middle Patriots defense touchdowns, 7: 7, Seahawks equalizer. There are two minutes away from the end of the first half, the Patriots big advantage on the scene naturally do not want to take a draw into the second half, so they demonstrate their versatile, layers of advancing to the Seahawks red zone frontier, Bray tall and spread to the right of the proximal Di Feng Rob - glycopyrrolate Koski (Rob Gronkowski) complete touchdowns, 14: 7. But the Seahawks did not give up the final 31 seconds, they use three times a pause and relax in the hands of the Patriots defense quickly came to the Patriots in the red zone, but the time remaining six seconds, is to continue to attack or to execute arbitrary ball? After some discussion, the Seahawks coach Pete - Carroll (Pete Carroll) is determined to stay in the field to attack the group, this bold decision paid off! And this stand out is Matthews, he used the Patriots cornerback defensive line turned turnovers in the end zone, only just completed his first career catch and then completed the first career touchdown! 14:14, the two sides back to the lounge with a draw. In the popular singer "fruit sister" Katie - Perry (Kate Perry) to join a friend Messi - after Eliot (Missy Elliott) complete midfielder gorgeous Super Bowl show, both players back to the stadium half of the game. Seahawks lead the attack immediately gave the Patriots a blow, Matthews Jones became the third, this time he beat the defensive player raid along the left took over 45 yards long pass, the Seahawks will score a free kick hit the go-ahead, 14:17. Patriot situation worsened, Brady busy in the wrong, he's forward pass was Seahawks safety guard Bobby - Wigner (Bobby Wagner) grab before glycopyrrolate Koski body steals. Seahawks weak footing to take advantage of the Patriots extended their lead, wide receiver Doug - Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) end zone pulled a large empty when easily connected to convey the wonderful array Wilson, 14:24! At this situation in the field has been completely controlled the Seahawks, the Patriots were forced to punt, three cruised, the Seahawks made a double-digit lead. Critical fourth quarter, the Patriots show a powerhouse of unyielding heart, after the Seahawks offensive guard layers forward to the Seahawks end zone frontier, Amendola Road end zone touchdowns, leaving live game suspense, 21:24, this time from the end of the game eight minutes. The results Seahawks could not withstand the pressure, after Jones suffered prevent Matthews, Wilson could not find a second pass point, "strikeout" Brady hands the ball back quickly. Patriots here more flowers, Brady completed consecutive short passes to the left and right sides, once again came to the Seahawks end zone, the turn Edelman Akira defensive player to complete a touchdown, the Patriots in the game only 2 regain the lead at minute 02 seconds, 28: 24. Who says Lynch only rushed the ball? The latency to the left side cheap nfl jerseys nike of the stadium Lynch incarnation took over, then Wilson pass straight midline breakthrough, two minutes timekeeping suspended. Critical moment, standing on the Seahawks luck here, a long pass to the right Wilson took over Coles, Coles interference by Patriots cornerback first time and did not pick the ball steady, the ball did not fall but who knows Coles is playing to the body, Coles eventually hold the ball at the 5-yard line, and select middle ۳ĘC?� insert, the Seahawks only one yard away from the championship, but the Seahawks is not able at this last one yard in the hold, Malcolm Wilson's pass hit Patriots - Butler (Malcolm Butler) steals! In the championship game at the last minute to make the Seahawks player lose his cool, the two sides of the skirmishes, the referee will pick things players ejected in the end, with Brady's knee kneeling, the Patriots won the 49th Super bowl. The game, Brady completed 50 of 37 passes, setting a Super Bowl record number of passes in a single game, but his Super Bowl touchdown pass on the total number has reached 12 times, is also a new record in NFL history! Brady deserved to be the current Super Bowl MVP.

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