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Pele is Pele Cech Cech, his military forces never feels unfathomable. Opening thought the Patriots would be offensive to the road with plenty of chisels Seahawks defensive ice, but the fact is the opening patriot carry a fixed idea, and the Seahawks play small ball, Sean - Willingen, Danny - Armando pull and Julian - Edelman constantly throw off the defense, or be able to find a neutral zone defense to give the Seahawks blow. On the contrary, there is no road Patriots offensive confusing, Lejialeite - Blount Substitution Willingen, fullback James - Devlin in the same venue, it's like the whole world Zhaogao: Patriots play punch ball attack it! The effect of natural imagined, both Seahawks defensive tackle Tony - McDaniel and Kevin Williams - Williams had been bullied Patriots offensive front, plus Kanmu - Chrysler has been mentioned money box anti-run, Blount to break a handful of space. Then, a few big patriot catcher Brandon - Lafer,cheap nike jerseys Rob - glycopyrrolate Koski and Michael Nooyi joined the fray, the Patriots Changqiangduanbao gongs, Seahawks not many ways to deal with. There is a special lens: Patriots to test Schirra glycopyrrolate to the right, the Seahawks can only cope with linebacker KJ Wright, Richard - Sherman forced to let out their own area. In short, the Patriots with a special station disrupted the Seahawks defensive usual habit, so the Seahawks very uncomfortable. Section Brady talk about that steals the red zone to send it: Two Seahawks defensive end - Michael Bennett and Cliff - Ivor Lille double ghost shoot the door direct attack Brady, Tomjanovich this time the ball came out in a hurry, Seahawks cornerback Jeremy slot - Ryan steals the ball on the line and so on, back to the attack in accidentally sprained arm. This focus is not described Patriots missed scoring opportunities, but in the first section of the Seahawks' outside cheap nike jerseys from china of the double ghost "for the first time to create pressure and causing turnovers Brady, doing that before they go? Before the game, I put the Seahawks lateral double ghost and two tackles against the Patriots seen as crucial Super Bowl showdown. And the game, at least for the first half, the Patriots did a good job of two offensive tackles, first with the "low barrier" to delay resistance "double ghost" who's lower body collision method that kickoff back to the pass rush let Seahawks defensive end who is not strong and so on. The second measure is known to each other fast, so outside of the Patriots pass rush tackles who will always push it, "double ghost" often only touched Brady's back, this recruit to the excellent results. Once a poor pass rush, the Seahawks' boom burst Legion "should be the Patriots the ball set boom burst. Prior to that there is a second key steals, Jeremy - Rennes injury leave. Seahawks response is Taluo De - Semon replace slots. Semon over six feet tall, is outside the standard mode Seahawks cornerback, but let him into the slot marker Patriot smaller bunch of bizarre catcher, which some can not do anything to him, so the Patriots hit the snake hit seven inches the key defense and once again lost third gear touchdown ball to be recorded in the Semon account. 2, the Patriots defense is how to control the Seahawks cheap nike jerseys china offense in the early part of the game? Seahawks defense, first and foremost is to pinch Xiaoen - Lynch, commanding road attack. Let me point not serious, a week ago I was writing when the weaknesses of both lists were Seahawks offensive front and Patriots defensive front, in this "double weak" confrontation, in the end, or the Patriots defensive frontline accounts advantage, so that the offensive front push does not open, Xiaoen - Lynch rushed the ball hard to find pathways. Second, the Patriots have a two inside linebacker Lynch deal, faster Jamie - Collins predict in advance, for the kickoff line blocking Lynch. Followed by a greater weight Tangte - Sea Littauer behind grapple, Yijizhiming. Seahawks attack mode too rigid pavement attack repeatedly pushed back, and the appropriate ratio of passing attack too. Section two real Seahawks passing attack, Russell - Wilson have been successful in their pockets to be seven or eight seconds, but neither completed two passes. One can imagine that the Patriots tight lock marker hundred percent all the Seahawks catcher.

Efficiency. Patriots managed to get cheap nike jerseys free shipping seven-point lead, the Seahawks decided to attack the ball waving a magic wand. Tall - Chris Matthews on the outside after blasting Kyle - Arlington completed a record 45 yards long pass the ball. Oh, wait! Patriots cornerback full tank Arlington how to go to man-mark the outside of a tall catcher? This is the game the Patriots marker strategies related mostly Seahawks cornerback who is the usual marker own area, but the Patriots is the marking, Darrell - Revis locked Doug - Baldwin, cloth Langdon - Bronner locked Jermaine - Michaels, then others take over, let passers Lu Renyi Arlington to deal with, I did not expect what passerby Matthews established the outstanding service. Patriots with 1 minute 45 seconds to get beyond the score touchdowns, while the Seahawks is more terror, it only took 29 seconds, five times the attack on the match. Patriots wary over the Seahawks passing attack, let Wilson play two consecutive offensive option to read, easy to capture 36 yards from the road, followed by the anti-Arlington area, Lu Renyi Ricardo - Locket complete long again pass the ball. Then again - Chris Matthews beat Logan - Ryan buzzer touchdowns. This process can be seen in, although the two best Seahawks wide receiver ace Patriots cornerback was locked, but the tall bench Patriots wide receiver always able to get the minimum number of marker, this is Pete - Carlo Seoul gambling stage victory. 4, the Seahawks beat the Patriots in the third quarter to burst? Obviously can see that some depressed Brady at halftime, after all, the Patriots dominated the scene, but did not have any points difference reflects, but he did not know the third quarter will be subjected storm. Section one up, the Patriots obviously not yet out of the shadows, and the Seahawks offensive group has a strong return, Lynch read in Regional Options attack the ball more efficient, was tortured the whole half of the Patriots defense group the relaxed, "beast mode" easy to open, then - Chris Matthews completed a long pass the ball again, and this marker is the big horn Patriots guard Brandon - Bronner. Steve - Dalhousie card free kick hit the post, the Patriots got the ball right to attack, the second half of the Seahawks defense team also to the spirit, though not much change on the defensive strategy, but they focus on higher force, holding Blount lower ball offensive efficiency, and forced to face the third gear Brady constantly passing attack, this time in the first half frustrated - Michael Bennett began to frequent attack from the inside, they do not care front Patriots adapt continuously Bennett broke pocket, in such a hurry, the Brady sent the field steals second. Seahawks offensive followed more disciplined, strong quarterback Breakthrough pavement offensive partner, by the way also intermingled two passes, gorgeous gorgeous Patriots defensive attack mode loss. Baldwin's talk about touchdowns, the Seahawks very cleverly arranged an old-fashioned "referee cover" tactics, formations Baldwin cross from the left to the right, his marker "Island King" blocked referee, Baldwin no people marker to complete touchdowns.

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