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Cleveland Cavaliers point guard George - Hill can play the fourth series of doubt, at present, Hill is also affected by back spasm. The Cavaliers and Pacers will be next Monday in the first round of the fourth round of the playoffs. At present, the big Cavaliers are 1-2 behind the Pacers. Hill received a magnetic resonance examination today. George - Hill was initially injured in the first match of the series, when Hill and Walker Trevor buck fought against the pick and roll.Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys in USA Wholesale Online In the first and second matches, Hill felt stiff on the back. MRI results showed that Hill's back was not serious, Hill would get further treatment, and for the fourth match he was still on the list of injuries.

In the third match, Hill got 11 points in the first half, but in the second half, he felt uncomfortable on the back. So in the second half, Hill only got nine minutes to get 2 points. Knight coach Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys USAteren Lu handed the ball control to Lebron James and Jordan Clarkson, not the substitute guard Jose Jose. Lu explained, "it's hard to get a three quarter to control the ball and save the team, but it's a playoff game. It's very difficult to put Calderon in this situation. I don't want to do that."

Calderon played 9 minutes in the first game, and scored 5 points in 13 minutes in second matches. If Hill can't play, can Calderon get his playing time? Lu said, "we will see and see Jose playing." Lu said that if Hill could not play, then the control was the only place for him to change in the first start, and James, Kevin - lef, J.R. Smith and koworth would remain in the start.Cheap Nike Jerseys In the first three games of the playoffs, Hill averaged 8.7 points, 1.7 assists, 1.3 rebounds and 56.3% shooting 33.3% 33.3% points.

The warrior said today that Curie will take part in some training from tomorrow. The warrior also said that Currie would be re examined within a week, and the intensity of recovery would be enhanced. The reason for the injury was in March 9th, when the warriors met the Spurs at home, and Currie sprained his ankle only in 2 minutes. After a truce in 6 games, he returned from the March 24th home with the hawk, and he was again injured in that game (two knee medial collateral ligament), which led him to a truce so far and is expected to be absent from the first round of the playoffs. Curry's latest test shows that he is likely to miss the first and second rounds of the second round of the playoffs. "Curie's time has reached four weeks. It looks like he may need to be injured for six weeks before he can return." Thompson II said, Wholesale Nike Jerseys Online"according to the six week time node, Curie will not be able to return until May 5th. He would like to come back now, but six weeks of time may be more realistic for him, considering that the warriors are very cautious on this issue, that is, he will be more realistic in the second round and third comeback.

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