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Chris Matthews should pay sufficient attention, the marker effect Arlington and Bronner's not very good. Like 96 years of the European Cup final moments Bierhoff scored twice to put the same Threatened Savior, this time Cech patted rookie Billy Marcon - Butler's shoulder, that you play it. The next game, Butler special anti Matthews and Locket, obviously able to see this passerby, B do not have much chance, but Butler places one, whereas complete all stalls defense. Now you can say it's a successful opening strategy:cheap nike nfl jerseys the last paragraph of the third quarter, the Patriots continued the defensive strategy, run the anti-truss fence, Lynch hard to have big gains, fought defensive approach also continue effective. Anti-pass section, knowing Wilson Patriot smart, do not be afraid pass rush pressure, so the Patriots pass rush from start to finish implementing the strategy is: do not raid, the number of people coming and Wilson backcourt contest, unless false false true mass run action fool, otherwise it is difficult to find Wilson ran out of space in the catcher. In addition to that, "referee cover 'touchdowns, as well as any performance Baldwin? In addition to that, "the hand of God," the bouncing ball, Jermaine - Michaels have any performance? Butler debut in the second half, Matthews and Locket there any performance? The most exaggerated, I sprinkle a main Huang Yue Seahawks tight end - Luke Wilson today girlfriend comes pre-production period, did not come to play the Super Bowl, I believe there are a bunch of people believe, because today he was man-mark the Patriots There is no weight photographed chance! The audience is almost watertight marker Patriots can ensure cheap nfl nike jerseys that the most important reason for the last paragraph of counterattack. 6, the last paragraph of the Patriots offensive group how to fight back? Like basketball score chasing points in a row and not three-pointers, but like a quick counterattack. Patriots do not rely on the same counter-attack in the second half of a long pass, but stick to the first half of the strategy came with a short Paodingjieniu. Want a complete copy of the first half but the second half cheap nike jerseys nfl passing attack strategy, and almost impossible, because the second half of the Seahawks rushed pass gradually with improvement, Brady already did not like the first half, the ball comfortably in a pocket inside , often cornered, Brady to show him "the first-ever pocket pace," the strength, but Tomjanovich not immortal after all, the Patriots' offense also have a ride without a ride. This time the Patriots jump out of the town in two key man, a time machine to dial back the second week of the regular season, a few little San Diego Chargers running back kept the gap opened in the shallow area to attack the soft underbelly of the Seahawks . The game, Sean - Willingen become this character, he continued to receive a pass from Brady in the lineup on both sides, which allows the Seahawks defensive backcourt again tight arm tactics all come to nothing. Followed by Edelman points out, every step to escape when the Brady pass rush who ran out of space can always find a "micro skies", which from the side that, although the Seahawks marker precision, but also not flawless. Finally scored the go-ahead touchdown in a wave of attacks, is a microcosm of the entire season, the Patriots offensive group, passing points throughout the audience, the catcher with textbook precision route running camel tormented Seahawks pass a living marker plus Seahawks pass rush were finally beginning to exhaustion, Brady became fixed turret, Edelman throw Semon complete winning touchdown!

In fact the Patriots get too excited, like nfl nike jerseys cheap absolutely the 43rd Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl, leaving opponents too much time to fight back. Patriots marker some slack, Lynch from the left around the backcourt, to complete a long pass the ball, the Seahawks had a ball half the immediate concern of the Patriots. Jermaine - Michaels catch only say good luck, God clearly has the victory to the mouth of the Seahawks. At this point if the Seahawks coaching staff a little bit calm, kept the ball impact arrange Lynch, then it will not cause the final tragedy. The bizarre tactical arrangements to Marcon - Butler sent Gods, but also to Wilson, Pete - Carroll, Darrell - Bei Weier (offensive coordinator) and Ricardo - Locket forever nailed pillar of shame. But if the script rewrite, Wilson received a pass was completed Locket touchdowns, then float in the air after the game, the audience will be blue-green ribbons, Wilson Super Bowl MVP in an interview, also said, "We know the Patriots last in the effort to attack the anti-road time, so we arranged for a passing attack, I see there is a big gap Locket, but I did it, the Seahawks are the champions! " Winner takes all, is so subtle. Ending to a wonderful cents summit of the game, even to this end Qunjia contrast historical status of this Super Bowl. But the tactical point of view, to play a better team won the Patriot deserves this an incredible victory.

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