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New England Patriots last offseason wholesale nike nfl jerseys, and the league's top cornerback Darryl - Revis (Darrelle Revis) signed a two-year total value of $ 32 million contract, including a team option for a second year, salaries reach $ 20 million, under normal circumstances, the Patriots will likely give up this second year team option, and because in this case the Patriots can not give Revis branded franchise tag, which means that it is possible to Revis at the end of the season to become a free agent. It is reported that belong to the AL East, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills are hoping to hire recruiting Revis. ESPN said the Jets management team has been brought back to Revis idea that they are ready in the free agent market, fight for Revis. Last season the offseason Revis was cut by Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jets coach Rex when he was signed after the Patriots - Rennes (Rex Ryan) had furious rage against the incompetence of the management team, and this year he Bill became a head coach, wanted to enlist Revis's attitude has not changed. Also it was revealed Patriots also prepared to provide a more reasonable new contract to Revis leaving the star players. Jets owner Woody - Johnson (Woody Johnson) who last month publicly wholesale nfl jerseys nike expressed the hope to welcome back Revis, such violations NFL official statements have also been allegations and investigations. Then Johnson said he was "inadvertent slip of the tongue," he also said he had to Patriots owner Robert - apologize Kraft (Robert Kraft) call.

NFL-known media people Albert - Brill (Albert Breer) wholesale nfl nike jerseys, said a player told him Seahawks coach Pete says - Carroll (Pete Carroll) in his speech before the mobilization in the past is no different , Carol Brill also said nearly two weeks in efforts to create a norm, not the players affected by the pressure of competition. In a speech before the game on Saturday night,wholesale nike jerseys nfl the Carroll warned the players should strive to seize this rare opportunity to enjoy the game fun Super Bowl, the court must maintain a sense of balance, with a relaxed attitude to face the last game of the season game. Since Carroll took over the Seahawks, the Seahawks have been the league's most confident and most relaxed team atmosphere within the team, all the players are very obey Seahawks in Carroll, which have benefited from the excellent Carroll charisma.

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