Name: LCpl Brent Callender

Branch of Service: U. S. Marines

Age: 29

Deployment: Habania, Iraq

Wish: Sleep Number Bed






100 %

of Goal Raised


Wish Granted:

Thanks to Sleep Number for helping us grant this wish for LCpl Callender!

Description of Injury:

My name is LCpl Brent Callender, and I was wounded September 28, 2006, by an enemy sniper when I was thrown from my humvee after it was hit by an IED. I was thrown from the vehicle, hit the hood, and landed in the dirt yards away. As I was laying on the ground, I was shot in the back of my left thigh and glut by an enemy sniper. I was medically evacuated and transported to a triage center where I was put on life support for several days until the swelling of my internal organs reduced. Once I was stable, I was flown to Germany and underwent treatment for two months until I was further stabilized enough to return back to the United States and transferred to the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton.

I was confined to a wheelchair for 10 months as I recovered from my spinal cord and lower body injury with intense physical therapy. I recovered enough to begin walking with a cane, however my back pain continues to worsen, despite additional treatments and therapeutic injections. At this point, I am limited to pain management and hopes of future advancements in treatment for spinal cord injuries. I remain positive and continue to push forward in order to be present with my wife and son.


My wish is to have a Sleep Number bed that will allow me to sleep comfortably without the constant pain caused by my injuries. I desperately want to sleep in the same bed as my wife, and the Sleep Number bed will allow both of us to get the ideal comfort level that the bed provides. I also have sleep apnea and it is very uncomfortable to sleep with the mask on top of the pain I already have. Getting a better night of sleep will allow me to wake up more refreshed in the morning and be able to function better throughout the day. Please help make this dream a reality for me!