Name: SSG Timothy Sanders

Branch of Service: U.S. Army


Deployment: Afghanistan

Wish: A New Embroidery Machine To Support His Business/Therapy





100 %

of Goal Raised


Description of Injury:

In 2007 SSG Sanders entered the Army and deployed to Afghanistan shortly after in January 2008 with 2/17 Cavalry Regiment, 101st CAB. During this deployment, SSG Sanders was sought out to lead small teams to set up FARPs (Fuel Ammo Resupply Points) to allow air support to push out farther into the combat area to provide air to ground support. SSG Sanders was injured multiple times during this deployment. Later the Army, through the MEB (Medical Evaluation Board) process, found that SSG Sanders had 28 combat-related injuries that had gone untreated. SSG Sanders was then medically retired from the Army with a myriad of injuries.


SSG Sanders was finding different ways to cope with his many health issues and decided to start designing and printing shirts and other clothing items out of his garage. This allowed him to stay busy and redirect any issues that come to light with his recovery. This keeps his mind busy and allows him to stay focused as well as provide supplemental income for the family. The current equipment he uses for this home-business was paid for with his own money and the quality, and output, of the machine is limited. With a new embroidery machine, he will have the capability to create more hats and clothing for companies and groups in his community. He wants to grow his very small home-based business into one that supports others, and especially Veterans, in his community.