Name: E-4/ CPL Seth Cole

Branch of Service: U.S. Army


Deployment: Iraq

Wish: Taylor Guitar





51 %

of Goal Raised


Description of Injury:

In 2007, SPC Cole was on a mission in Iraq to establish coordinates to identify sites producing incoming mortar rounds. SPC Cole was fired upon by enemy insurgents. During the exchange of fire, a mortar round fired by friendly forces at an enemy target accidentally was detonated immediately after leaving the weapon, causing shrapnel wounds to the upper body of SPC Cole to include his face, chest, elbow and wrist. SPC Cole sustained injuries to his head, which caused major blood loss. The explosion caused SPC Cole to fall and dislocate his shoulder as well. SPC Cole was medically evacuated to in-country medical facilities and eventually transported to Walter Reed Medical Center. SPC Cole continues to suffer from multiple medical conditions, not the least of which is PTSD and TBI.


SPC Cole’s is to have his own Taylor Guitar! SPC Cole has been part of musical therapy as a method of rehab and performing in front of various sizes of crowds. Being exposed to crowds still remains difficult for SPC Cole. SPC Cole’s dream is to have a small recording studio in his basement and play shows for small groups of people. The Taylor guitar was selected because of its incredible sound! Playing the guitar is a hobby that SPC Cole only picked up two years ago and his love for playing it, and the therapy associated with this, is tremendous.