Name: Capt. Michael J. Trost

Branch of Service: Army

Age: 54

Deployment: Afghanistan

Wish: Sturdy Fence For Animals On His Farm





4 %

of Goal Raised


Description of Injury:

While on a joint USAID mission with Albanian Special Forces inspecting village schools in 2012, Capt. Michael Trost's unit was ambushed by the enemy. The Albanian Captain was killed, and their Corporal was severely wounded, as was Capt. Trost. He was medevacked to Kandahar and subsequently to Landstuhl Germany, where he was hospitalized for 5 months, undergoing 29 surgeries for injuries to his leg, buttocks, and hand. He returned to the States for additional treatment and rehabilitation in 2013. Later, due to nerve and bone deterioration in his leg, in 2016 he underwent an amputation of the right leg below the knee. Skilled surgeons used 1/3 of his amputated foot to reconstruct the missing fingers of his hand! Capt. Trost now lives with his wife Stephanie on their small farm in Tennessee, where he is looking forward to the second half of his life.


Capt. Trost's small farm includes a menagerie of rescue animals, including horses, alpacas and a donkey. Being in the company of these animals serves as a therapy for Capt. Trost, where he can go out into the pasture and simply "forget about everything." His wish is to replace the aging chain link fence of the animal enclosure with a sturdy 4-rail farm fence. They have been replacing it section-by-section, and require an additional 900 feet of fence to complete the job.