Name: Sgt. Matthew Gonzalez

Branch of Service: Marine Corps

Age: 32

Deployment: Al-Anbar Province Iraq

Wish: New Laptop For Use At College






100 %

of Goal Raised


Wish Granted:

Description of Injury:

While on deployment in Kilo Company, Weapons Platoon, Third Battalion First Marines, First Marine Division in the Al-Anbar province of Iraq during 2005, Matthew was maintaining a hasty ambush with his squad, Sparta 4-2. They were alongside the Euphrates River when members of his squad began to take fire from enemy combatants. In the hours that ensued during the ambush, his back was fractured and his spine, to this day, has never fully recovered. As a result of the ambush and fire fight, he still has fractured vertebrae, extruding discs and herniated discs, arthritis of the spine and a degenerative disc disease. The nerve damage continues to worsen each year and his body is in pain each and every day. Because of the constant daily pain, Matthew receives spinal injections every six months to keep the swelling off of his nerves so that he can maintain control of his legs and feel. Because of the high cost of these spinal procedures, he is unable to pay for the anesthesia and remains awake in the doctor's office.


Matthew and his family live in Orange County, CA and he is currently enrolled in six classes at Chapman University. He does not have a laptop and this makes it extremely difficult to complete the assignments required for his degree. His wish is to get a Macbook Pro laptop so that he can take his academic work with him and complete it on campus, or at home. Currently, he must do all of his course work in the computer lab on campus. This wish would allow his to excel in class as well as complete work at home and spend more time with his family!